4 Myths About Online Course Creation

Online courses quite literally have the power to change your life. They give people of all backgrounds and talents the power to take their businesses online, transform their income, and be their own bosses. There are so many incredible benefits that come from teaching online, yet there are still some skeptics. 

Would–be course creators tend to have the same few reservations holding them back from taking the plunge and finally creating their first online courses. That’s why I’m debunking a few of the most common course creation myths.

Online course myth 1: The expert myth 

The expert myth says, “I can’t teach about my passion because I’m not an expert. I don’t have the credentials or it’s not my day job.” 

We hear this all the time here at Teachable, and every time we have the same response: 

We like to say that an expert is someone who’s just one step ahead of you, and if you look at the dictionary definition, it actually says that an expert is”someone who’s gained knowledge or skills from experience.” It has nothing to do with credentials, your day job, or how you spend your time. 

Online course myth #2: The trend myth

The trend myth is the idea that you have to pick a course topic that’s trendy or popular. This is more common than we thought. 

You’re doing yourself an injustice if you try and pick something that’s trendy. You want to make sure you do have an audience, but also balance that with what you know you want to teach. 

Online course myth #3: The competition myth 

Maybe you’re ready to get started, but you realize that there are two, three, or even twenty online courses already covering your topic. You might think, “Oh, no. I shouldn’t teach on that! There’s too much competition. I’ll never be able to keep up.” 

Believe it or not, competition is a good sign. It means people are interested in your topic. On the other hand, if there’s absolutely no competition foryour course, that probably means that there’s no audience. If there are no blogs about your topic, it probably doesn’t have a large group of people that you’ll be able to sell to. 

Online course myth #4: The profitable topics myth 

The last myth we’re going to talk about is the profitable topics myth. This myth says that there are only certain topics out there that are profitable. This comes from the idea that there are two types of skills, hard skills and soft skills.  

This is not true. Any skill can make you money.

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