7 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Running an online business is so rewarding, but if you’re not putting the right systems into place, it can be exhausting, too. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the infinite options for driving traffic to your website? You’re not alone.

This article doesn’t list every traffic strategy under the sun.

Instead, it lists the tactics we use at Ahrefs. These are tactics that have helped us grow our revenue by +65% year over year.

In other words, they’re proven to work.

The Super Simple 4-Step Funnel that Takes Prospects From
‘Click’ to Client in Less Than 48 Hours


Let’s get to it.

1. Write guest posts

Guest blogging is a tactic where you write for other blogs. In return, the editor/site owner will usually allow you to link back to your site.

2. Promote content in relevant online communities

Relevant online communities are places where your target audience hangs out on the Web.

You can find these communities everywhere:

  • Facebook groups;
  • Forums. etc

Answer questions on Quora 

3. Answer questions on Quora/Nairaland

Quora is a Q&A site where anyone can ask questions or answer them.

That means you can respond to existing questions in your niche, establish your authority, and generate some traffic for your website along the way. Or similar sites

4. Appear on podcasts

Podcasts have become one of the hottest marketing channels. Plenty of podcasts means they need guests. Pitch to be that guest!

To put it in short, passive income just means the money you’re making without any additional effort on your part. You set up systems and let them run in the background, making you money and freeing up your time.

5. Collaborate with other brands to tap into their audiences

For most businesses, there are plenty of non-competing brands with the same or similar target audience.

So why not work together to cross-promote to each others audiences?

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6. Rank videos on YouTube

Google search can be quite competitive when it comes to specific key phrases. But in YouTube SEO, everyone has an equal opportunity to entertain, engage, and rank.

7. Update “outdated” content

We pinpoint articles that are no longer evergreen (in the eyes of Google), and we refresh and republish the content.

The Super Simple 4-Step Funnel that Takes Prospects From
‘Click’ to Client in Less Than 48 Hours


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