Create a Landing Page That Converts


As you know, I analyzed 100+ landing pages last month. It was fantastic…, exhausting…, and fantastic!

By the time I was done, I was seeing call to action buttons on my kids’ foreheads and making my grocery list in short snappy headlines.

Oh and the dreams…let’s not talk about the dreams. Apparently, I had always wanted to ride a merry-go-round wearing a shirt that says, “Click here for more”

This experience alone opened my eyes to so many interesting things:

The vastly different ways people are trying to build their online biz

The diversity of thought, words, and offerings

The different skill levels….people who had no idea what an opt-in is and people who were smarter at this online thing than I can ever hope to be.

However, one thing was consistent.

They all had a gift to offer the world and they were doing the work to share it. Not making excuses, not pretending it is just a phase, not sitting on their asses. But actually putting themselves out there

THAT is what kept me going. The chance to peek inside their gifts, their struggles and their hustle!

I am immensely thankful for that opportunity.

Let’s talk Landing Pages ..Specifically Ones that Convert Like CRAZY

A landing page is simply a single page on your website where you are asking for a specific action.

If you are asking for more than one action, that is NOT a landing page and if you are using that multi-action page to get people to do anything…well good luck with that!

What is the Action?

That action is usually an email opt-in offer or a Sale. In this post, I will only talk about opt-in landing pages.

Building landing pages that convert is about being laser focused on a single conversion behavior.

One page.  One offer.

Stay focused.  Your conversion rate depends on it.

Visitors are driven directly to landing pages by clicking through ads or social media shares or even through SEO, and ideally should be persuaded enough by the offering to give up their contact details.

This my friend is your first transaction with your customer…make it right and you will be set for a long fruitful relationship.

You know what makes for the best opt-in landing pages.

Consistency and Specificity

That is all.

In short:

Say one thing and say it repeatedly.

Say it with as many specific details as possible


Enough Theory, Where’s the Checklist ?

I know you are grumbling under your breath…”Ok we bet it is all good, nice, and lovely but how do I know what exactly to DO to get such conversions?”

Got ya covered. Here is the checklist that will help you create a Landing Page that Converts like CRAZY

Use it, Share it, Send me some good vibes.


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