Do you know what fuels crazy launches?

Launches where everyone seems to be hungry and eager and ready with their credit cards out weeks before the cart actually opens!

TWO WORDS: Synchronized hype!

Here’s how to build that kind of hype minus the massive cash outflow!

A contest

If you have a program you can run a scholarship contest, if you have a product then you can run a giveaway contest.

The idea is to run your contest in a way that it hinges on social shareability. This creates A LOT of hype or buzz around your launch.

Micro Lessons

These micro lessons do two things. Make you look like a bad-ass expert and create a hunger for more.

Pay with a Tweet or UpViral/Kingsumo

Pay with a Tweet: Embed 5 vidoes on a page and tell them:

“If you want to unlock the remaining five videos please just tweet it out.”

When someone signs up to receive something, the thank you page reads: “There is also an accompanying video with it and if you want the video have three friends sign up through your link it will unlock the video or the mini training.”

Celebratory Posts

If you are in the middle of the launch and you have one thousand people signed up for your webinar share it! Share those milestones, put celebratory posts for each milestone.

Authority intro posts

These are not related to your launch, but they will make people go check you out because it makes you look interesting, it makes you look like you know your shit and it makes you look intriguing enough for them to go check out who you are and what you do.

Now do yourself a HUGE favour and click below to get the worksheet for this post:

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